Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All Good Things...

Well, that's it. Six years of epic television have come to an end.*

I have to say I feel emotionally satisfied... and intellectually jilted. A great show has two things: great character development, and something interesting for them to do. I loved the ending to the degree that it honored the arc of what we've learned about the characters, and what they've been through. But man, I feel sheepish about having spent so much of my time in the summers trying to hack into Dharma computers!

It felt disingenuous on the writer's part that when so many people guessed from the beginning that they were dead... and the island was purgatory, they denied it over and over. In the end, they were dead, and the island was for all intents and purposes, purgatory. And don't point out that the purgatory was the flash sideways... I get it... but Michael and the other whispering souls are stuck on the island so you know what I mean.


They held the show up as science fiction... and in the end I could have used a little more science with my fiction.


It was the Lords of the Rings, Narnia ending... gather together, get on the ships to the next life and whatever adventure lies beyond. It was a predicted ending to a show that was anything but predictable.

I will mourn the loss of the characters, but I will also mourn the loss of blast wall maps, Faraday journals, Dharma hatches. and Tunisian polar bears.

The message in the end: glass eyes, and fail-safe keys, Myst-like lighthouses, the numbers and missing arms...these things just don't matter when compared to the love and connections we make as we go through life. 


I guess I wish they had just mattered more.

Still, a show that got people to spend six years gathering together, reflecting, analyzing, philosophizing, and searching for meaning...

not to mention going on the radio every Wednesday morning was one hell of a work of art.

See you in another life brotha.


There's really was only one thing wrong with LOST in the end... too much Smokey,...and not enough Bandit! 

* I know it's been over a month but I needed some quiet reflection, and a few Dharma brews before I was ready to talk about it ;)

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  1. Although I didn't watch LOST, I know what it's like to be attached to a show for a long time, and hate when it finally ends (Prison Break, Charmed, Angel, and Buffy, the Vampire Slayer are a few that come to mind for me). The characters become family in a way, and once they're gone you feel empty inside. At least I do. I hope another show will come along that you'll enjoy just as much as LOST.